Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Little Pony Week!

"A week of My Little Pony?" Awesome!! My oldest is a huge fan of these sweet technicolor cuties; and I knew she would be completely enthralled with each day of this fun girl toy themed week! She voted Rainbow Dash as her surprise there!! But I loved how Apple Jack turned out! What do you think?

Monday: Mini Chicken Pinky Pies!
For lunch the girls had Chicken Pot Pie for the first time, and they were a hit!! These were a simple mix of roasted chicken pieces; a creamy veggie sauce, and the happy smile of Miss Pinky pie! Along with the individual pie, the girls had steamed broccoli, sliced nectarines and strawberries. My oldest picked up on the balloon picks being Pinky's cutie mark in a flash...clever girl! Missy Lulu now goes to playschool in the afternoons giving me plenty of time for her snack bentos everyday. Today in keeping with our theme she got a Pinky Pie PBJ (Peanut butter and Jelly) sammie topped with a marzipan Pinky Pie. Along with that she had a single strawberry,a quail egg, and a few grapes. I also squeezed in a fruit juice box to wash everything down.

Tuesday: Twilight Sparkle The lunch was boring and plain today with just the star symbol of Twilight Sparkle. Yes, I tried making tiny unicorn faces to add to the bento, but I just couldn't get it right...I gave up! I was disappointed, but the girls didn't seem to mind and munched up lunch just fine, which was great! In this lunch they had sushi rice topped with stars and veggie falafel balls. I packed Missy Lulu's favorite mozzarella balls with cherry tomato and cucumber stars. They also had a few sweet Finnish strawberries as well. Nice enough then!
Twilight Sparkle does appear for snack bento though! Yay! I tried my hand with the food safe pens and I had a blast...hehe! Here we have a simple cheese and garlic mayo sammie..(Yes, she loves garlic mayo!)a falafel ball and grapes. Everything is kept tight and neat with the juice box and Twilight was in perfect form for snack time.

Wednesday: Shutterfly Wrapped Sushi Ball Today was a another bento learning experience for me. I was trying to make a wrapped sushi ball with pepperoni butterflies and soy wrapper (Mamenori) Shutterfly. I saw it working clearly in my head, but reality was slightly different! LOL ! I'll try again with less attempt at details, for a less muddy look. Anyway, we have a sushi rice ball topped with my attempt of a mamenori Shutterfly. The girls both had fruit cocktail, a grilled chicken drumette, a tiny  tomato,  butterfly cucumbers on a pick (Shutterfly's cutie mark), and a princess cookie.
I am a big fan of the blog Bento for Kidlet. Jenn's artwork is so fantastic and inspiring for me, plus her sense of humor is great and really witty. She gives a dynamic tutorial on how to use food safe pens to create wonderful art for bento! Do exactly what she says, and impressed you will be!! I tried her technique again for Missy Lulu's snack bento and I loved how it turned out! Here, she had another PBJ (with a cheese drawn Shutterfly), sliced chicken nugget and grapes.

Thursday: Aplomb with Appledash!
By Thursday I felt as if I really knew what I was doing ! Ha! It was pretty easy food and yummy! Breakfast for lunch; with pancakes and applebutter, scrambled cheese eggs, and a sweet little apple from our back yard apple tree! The Appledash is made from cut out cheese and the food pen again...I'll lay of those after my fun for this week! ^-^

 For the snack bento there was another fluffy pancake with applebutter (in the sauce container), and another tiny apple. I was really pleased and the girls ate everything!

Friday: Rainbow Dash!
 Last day with the pony bentos! Today I made Missy Lulu's favorite pony, Rainbow dash.
It's a simpler wrapped rice ball with the mamenori (soy paper, sushi wraps). I used the food pen and three colors of bell peppers for the tail. My one year old had a simple wrapped rice ball with three colors of bell pepper rainbow.
This was a lot of food for both little carried away so I was... ahem, forced to eat all their leftovers! For lunch there was pop corn shrimp, rice balls, steamed broccoli, small baby corns, tomato stuffed with mozzarella, grapes and nectarines .

For the snack bento Missy Lulu and Baby Sunshine had a super treat!

Nutella sammies with Rainbow dash and rainbow marzipan figures. Also extra pop corn shrimp,  juice and grapes. Missy Lulu loved having a Rainbow dash lunch today and loved the whole week really! I had a blast making this weeks theme! I guess she's going to flip when she gets all the "real" My Little Pony toys for her fifth birthday in October!! ^_^ Shhh!