Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Witchy Hello Kitty!

It's Halloween Day and I've enjoyed all the spooky, creepy, and cute holiday spirit I can take!! I had one last Halloween lunch in me for this year, using my favorite fall back. Meaning,  when all else fails and I run out of ideas, turn to my cutest buddy to help me out: Miss Hello Kitty! Look, Kitty's been playing in her Halloween makeup and today she's feeling witchy!

In this muffin tin lunch the girls had:
  1. A pumpkin chicken nugget with carrot and pea flowers
  2. A green Hello kitty witch, made with rice and pea puree. Her dress is cheese with nori detail and shes wearing a witch's hat pick
  3. A small salad of tomato wedge and curly lettuce.
  4. ketchup for dipping
  5. fruit cocktail
Here's a look at Witchy Kitty!

I used this fun bento set from Bento USA .( Check out my bento buddy Jeejee's site for all your bento tools, bentos and more!!! It's Heavenly!) Anyways, this is the fun tool I bought to make this paper doll like onigiri.

I used the bear shape and pinched the rounded ears pointy. I also flattened out the Bear's snout to have the flat surface for Kitty's face. Cant wait to play with this!

For the girls sweet tea snack I made more green Witchy Kittys!

This time Witchy Kitty is green marzipan on a plain pancake. They also had a few grapes underneath the pancake. I served this with a container of ice cold milk! Yummy!

So that's it for Halloween 2012! So glad you spent it with me, see ya next year Witchy Kitty! ^-^

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A Creepy Halloween Lunch for Isi

No cute lunch today for Isi; I tried to bring the full on creeps for Halloween lunch today! Brawww-ha-ha-ha...OK, I'll stop. ^-^

In this Halloween creep-tastic lunch he had:
  1. His favorite Indian take away menu, Paneer Kofta Curry (veggie balls in a tomato based curry gravy, delicious) homemade in the crock pot last night, added the plastic skeleton hand this morning.
  2. Couscous, topped with nori and a cheese skull decoration. I drew the skull with food safe pen.
  3. Taranchula salad, with spider picks, orange cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, carrot and Indian onion relish
Hope he doesn't frighten his work colleagues too much today! Ha-ha-ha!..

Everyone have a safe, fun and fabulous Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 It's the day before Halloween and while I've enjoyed playing with the Halloween seasonal toys, I'm just about tapped out of any new ideas! Luckily I was saved by this super cute tutorial I found on
dash It shows you how to make these super easy kooky bats treats,but I made a couple of healthy changes for my version.

In this lunch and snack bento we have:
  1. Two kooky meatball bats (instead of donut balls) Bats are made from meatballs, tortilla and nori glued together with mayo, cheese eyes and sunflower seed fangs.
  2. Two bat chicken nuggets 
  3. A container of extra mayo.
  4. (Orange) cherry tomato with pumpkin pick
  5. Grapes and green apple wedges
In the snack bento there was :
  1. Same style bat (this time) made with homemade mini pumpkin muffin and homemade ginger snap cookie wings. Wilton candy eyes and almond slice fangs
  2. Grapes with bat bento picks
OK, that's all for today's food. I hope all my blog buddies and family in the US East coast are safe, dry and warm! We'll see you tomorrow on Halloween Day!!  Whoo-hoo!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Sweeties

I tried my hand at making some fun candy corn shapes today for Missy Lulu's snack bento. I love candy corn and my lovely mother sent me some just for the fall season; the bright colors just make me think of the upcoming holidays and seem all the more festive having them around.

In this snack bento there was:
  1. Two candy corn sweeties (marzipan rolled over baked croissant rolls)
  2. One cherry tomato
  3. sliced pumpkin shaped chicken nugget
  4. Grapes and clementine orange wedges
I decided after taking the photograph that I would remove one of the sweets; Missy Lulu had a large lunch and I want to try to ration the all the sweet things in store with each day approaching Halloween day. And of course today she came home with an empty bento.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keep it simple Thursday

Keeping things simple today. Still full of Halloween spirit but have almost reached the end of my Halloween idea bank! Today I decide to buy time with some simple picks and the cute stickers already on my little one's bento box and containers.

In this bento box there was
  1. Turkey rolls with mozzarella on  long pumpkin sticks...was a big hit from yesterday!
  2. Small container of peach yogurt with the pumpkin sticker on top.
  3. Grapes with ghost pick on top.
  4. Orange juice to drink

Nothing too spectacular, but still in the theme of things and destined to come home with an empty box! I like that well enough!! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

M-W Halloween Lunches

Wow it's so easy to get behind these days!! It seems like the rush for the holidays starts right now, and there's a ton of activity right up until New Years! I'm still cranking along with Halloween themed bentos though, I hope to make it right up to the 31st! Here's the lunches from Monday through today!

In this bento lunch there were
  1. Frankie's Boy Monsters...spinach pancakes garnished with nori and cheese.
  2. A small container of passion fruit yogurt (In love with these tiny reusable containers  I bought from !!Super tiny and the lid snaps on tight!! Score!!!)
  3. Grapes and sliced apple with ghost pick.
  4. Box of milk

Tuesday's Bento:

In this bento lunch there were
  1. Costumed kids as bunnies...Ham wrap sandwiches with cheese lettuce and mayo.
  2. Mini pumpkin pie pockets...made with homemade pumpkin butter! Yummy!
  3. O.J.
I got the idea for the tiny trick or treat holders from the wonderfully amazing Rina of Bento School lunches!! See here for her super adorable teddy bear bento version! (I love her wonderful ideas as much as her beautiful personality!!) She's such an inspiration and motivator for me!

Wednesday, October 24 Bento Lunches
I love making arts/ crafts and baking with my girls. Today was or bake day and we made pumpkin butter drop cookies for her snack bento today.
  1. I made owl like eyes with a carrot nose from the cookies
  2. Turkey rolls  with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on a long pumpkin pick.
  3. Cucumbers with dill dipping sauce in the tiny container.
  4. Boxed milk to drink
Little Miss Baker!
The delicious results!!!!
Like tiny mouth fulls of pumpkin pie!

Daddy's Lunch for today...
In his bento he had
  1. A scary Krusty the Clown hogie sandwich. Krusty is made from cheese, tortilla, nori and food safe marker over bologna.
  2. Sides of olives, cherry tomatoes, wasabi almonds and marinated onions.
  3. Sliced tomato for his sandwich.

That's it for now! Whew!!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Skeleton Jack- O'- Lanterns

Yesterday Isi brought home a bag of lovely lihapiirakka or savory pies of yeast dough or puff pastry filled with cooked and seasoned ground meat; mixed with rice, and onions. The yummy pies can be rewarmed in the microwave, or eaten just as they are from the bakery; which is how we usually eat them. But today, I have on my Halloween season glasses!!! I saw skeletons when looking at the flaky, savory pies...

In this bento lunch the girls had:
  1. The Lihapiirakka fashioned into happy Jack-O'-Lantern Skeletons; with carrot arms and a pumpkin (clementine) head.
  2. Cherry tomato with a witch hat pick
  3. Mozzarella ball ghost on a ghost party pick
  4. Grapes with bat picks
  5. Moon cut cucumbers
  6. Individual fruit jellies (from my local Asian market)
We all sat down and ate this little meal picnic style. We gobbled everything up including the lettuce! I barely had to wash the bento boxes...but I did ha ha! ^-^  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghostly PBJ

Whew...that was a Spooktacular time at the Halloween blog hop yesterday!!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and found lots of clever ideas to put a little Halloween spirit in your next meal! I always spend so much time lost in all the post, that I'm much too exhausted to do anything  special; after a big hop function, I am thinking a nice, simple peanut butter and jelly bento is in order!

In this bento we had:
  1. A Ghostly Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
  2. Grapes with ghost picks
  3. A tiny pumpkin...(a clementine actually)
  4. A small container of chocolate raisins and pine nuts
  5. A boxed milk

Nice and simple!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1, 2, 3 Ahh-ha-ha-ha

I'm thrilled to be participating in my second blog hop! One of the most exciting holidays for the bento enthusiast is Halloween; and I'm so pleased to be able to share with you! My entry is a tribute post to the late Jerry Nelson, voice of  Count Von Count, who passed away this year at the age 78. Image from

 The Count is both a favorite of Missy Lulu and myself.  We love playing math games with the Count on Sesame The skits are the same as ones from my childhood! I can definitely say she was quite excited to see today's bento lunch!!

In this bento lunch she had:
3 Flying bats on ruby red grapes
2 Bat wing meat balls
And 1 Count Von Count Ah-ah-ah!

Count is made from a simple pancake batter mixed with four tablespoons of Taro Bubble tea powder.
The pancakes came out lovely, purple and delicious! The other details were made from marzipan, nori and cheese. The Count's cape is simply tortilla and nori.

Thank you Jerry, you and the Count hold a special place in our hearts!

Now head over to Diana Rambles for your next Halloween Themed Bento! Everyone Have a Very Happy and Safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All dressed up for Halloween!

I dressed up Missy Lulu's fuel brand sandwich box for the Halloween season. I love adding coordinating napkins and stickers for her lunch theme and Halloween time is especially fun!
If I use silicone muffin cups, lettuce, paper muffin cups, etc. then the box doesn't get very dirty at all. I can simply wipe out the box with a hot damp cloth and set to dry for the next day.

Today I've made a simple Halloween snack for playschool....
In this snack bento there is:
  1. A cute kid wearing a pumpkin costume. (Tortilla bread, nori, cheese, peperoni and edamame)
  2. A few grapes with a happy ghost pick
  3. Chocolate raisins and roasted pine nuts in the small green container (added a super cute pumpkin sticker)
  4. O.j.
Looking forward to seeing everyone's Halloween themed bentos through out the
Bento Bloggers and Friends Blog Hop.....Do be sure and check it out for yourself tomorrow!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Muffin Tin Lunch

It's Halloween season again!! Halloween is one of the most enjoyable times for most bento enthusiasts like myself! I just love cruising the Internet and seeing all the spooky creativity out there! I still don't do the fully creepy bentos (even though I love being grossed out happily by those that do!)Never the less I'm starting out my Halloween season with a muffin tin Monday!
In this Muffin Tin Meal there's
  1.  A witch's brew gone all wrong (Mac'n' cheese)
  2. One egg (pumpkin patch) on peas
  3. The bewitching hour (Turkish yogurt and homemade applesauce)
  4. Two chicken nugget witches
  5. Witches brew kiddie cocktail (Frozen o.j. and milk)
Making a Party out of a regular Monday! Lol

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fruit and Veggie Bento

Today Missy Lulu had a sweet yet simple snack bento. She loves Porkkanapannukakku which are Finnish carrot pancakes. A whole lot to say but super easy because mine are store bought!! I added in some fruit, a cherry tomato, cheese, and a cute carrot stick and she's ready to go!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up After the Party!

Well, I've rested for about a week after a huge event... My oldest Missy Lulu is FIVE YEARS OLD!!! 0-o (Unbelievable)!! My tiny little peanut of a pixie child is now a officially a kid, but what a wonderful kid she is!!
 We celebrated with a huge Pop Star Birthday Party...complete with Justin Biber and Robin Packalen (the Finnish Biber) pop songs playing during a mini disco! Missy Lulu and her pals all had a blast and I and her dotting Isi did as well! Happy 5th Birthday Missy Lulu!!

For starter's let me include the last bento in my Dora the explorer bento theme of last week:

In this snack bento she had:
  1. A cheese and Aioli sammie with Backpack drawn on soy wrap edible paper and food safe pen.
  2. Black berries and red grapes
  3. carrot sticks
  4.  Orange juice

Now, back to the party! I was inspired by the super cute invitations I bought from this wonderful Etsy shop named Jcbabycakes... here. The colors of hot pink, aqua, and zebra print were pop star party perfect!! The snazzy decor  thrilled all my little rockettes without totally offending my tiny rock dudes (Always a good thing!!)  I already had a zebra print table cloth and hot pink chair sashes from a previous party; so with the accessories from jcbabycakes and a few cut out stars from poster paper our party table looked like this...

With a title wave of sugar presented at the party I thought it best to serve a bento lunch. Here are the party bentos:
In each "Rocker" bento was:
  1. A "Rockabilly" Guitar Pizza with extra cheese and nori details
  2. Two heart sausages
  3. Two mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil snack on a pretty heart party pick
  4. A couple of cucumber slices
Of course we had a Super Star Cake!!  Baked by the birthday girl and her mommy!
 And with a fantastic/mini diva party outfit (Sent to us from Grandpa and Awesome Auntie Juanita!!)
My little Rockette was ready to party!!
And Party We Did!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Missy Lulu....You are My Super Star!!!!

All My Super Stars keep my life bright!!
I've Linked the Party Bento to "What's for Lunch Wednesday week 124."