Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Family Picnic!

My family and I had a lovely Sunday. Simply a little lunch and a play in the park is all it takes to make me fall in love with the crazy-ness that is daily family life! The weather was sunny, breezy and warm; my children happy and giggling; my husband kind and funny, (or kinda funny ha ha!) and a yummy bento lunch for us all!

I have been buying these "Tommies" plum tomatoes for some time. These are the bright red little tomatoes that are so small and sweet, my children consider them treats! I love the packaging they come in as well,(I've collected 8!) with the happy clown face and neat little tops...perfect for picnic packing!
These picnic bentos contained a Ramen noodle cold salad tossed in  thick dressings and extra veggies. (A spicy hot Buffalo wing dressing for my Hubby, and a slightly sweet peanut, sesame oil and ginger dressing I bought from the local Asian market for me and the girls.) On top of the salad  were the "Tommies", sliced carrot and cucumbers, chicken nuggets, a pile of cilantro, lime wedge and quail eggs dressed as the Tommies clown. I thought the whole thing turn out cute! ^.^
                   Fruit for dessert!

                   Every thing's packed and ready to go!

I'll show you how to make these little clowns. I used quail eggs, (easy to eat in one bite), but a chicken egg would work fine!

First I cut a large carrot into coins and cut out a lions mane with this quail egg cutter tool.

                Cut off the bottom third of this ring to make the clown hair.

 Then used the mouth from a facial expression cutter for the clown's large eyes.  Use a white cheese, I used  a slice of Edam cheese.

                   Cut out pupils out of nori.

                   Make a slice in the pointed end of your egg, about a third of the way through.

Pinching the egg with your thumb and pointer fingers, slide the half circle ring inside the egg, where you made the cut.

Dress your clown head with the eyes. Use picks for the hat and clown nose. I used a tiny nori cutter to make the clown mouths.

                   And there you have it!
I'm going to try and update my blog every other day. Doing a post each Sunday is too overwhelming, because I get so backed up with photos, and as you know I have tons to say! Lol! So I'll be back Tuesday!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute...did I mention cute :-). What a fun picnic idea!

  2. What a great picnic idea, the food looks yums! :) And I love the clowns, I'll try it out one of these days, n credit back. :))

  3. Thank you Ming ^.^!
    I would be quite honored!

  4. These are absolutely adorable. I love that you reused those cute tomato containers. Where did you purchase that quail egg cutting tool?

  5. Hi Keitha,
    Thank you sweet heart! I dont where I bought this online but I looked up the best price at here:

    It's on sale for $9.99 USD. You get so much, two cutting templates and a really useful tiny face nori cutter and the demo book. I made the clown up so there's tons and tons of possibities. Good buy.

    1. Thanks! I love looking at All Things For Sale. Thanks for the link to that cutter. It is always easier to want to buy something when you have seen it put to use in an incredible lunch!

  6. Those are super cute lunches in a picnic basket and thanks for the tutorial!:) Family time is always so much fun!:) I am now so inspired to make a picnic basket for one of the weekends!!

  7. Thank you Rina!
    I love picnics...It was why I fell in love with bento when I first saw one; beautiful perfect picnics, just for eveyday!!? (Awesome!)
    Autumn such a nice time to be outside, you Must pack something yummy and enjoy your loved ones...I insist!!! ^.^

  8. That's a gadget I used called the Spirooli 3 in 1 vegetable slicer! (I went through a raw food stage years ago.) Anyways it's more exspensive now and the best price i could find it was Walmart of course, but still up there at around 35 USD before shipping. I can say it's awesome though and it makes easy veggie pasta!
    Here's the Walmart link