Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Having fun with Steele Lunch trays

I love muffin tin lunches, with the bits of food in each section and the element of " bento style creativity," to make eating a pleasure to children. Foods in a muffin tin also has a  nostalgic t.v. dinner feel that was always a hit with me and my little sister growing up in America. The next step
are these  stylized Steele sectioned trays. For me they're perfect; all the fun of the bento and comfort of a hot oven meal. Here are a couple I've done for the girls:

This is a lovely steel tray is from the company Din Din. It's wonderful because it can go in the oven and dishwasher. Also the sections really encourage you to use all the food groups for healthy eating! Here, they had:
  1.   a bowl of tomato soup with basil
  2.  an orange wedge mouth, slice grape tongue, cheese teeth
  3.  cheese eyes and a cherry tomato nose, 
  4. two small salmon balls with cheese details and a taste of spinach hair 
  5.  a little cottage cheese with cheddar cheese sliced head and ears. 
 The theme was parts of the body this particular week. (In the Elmo bento above was a fruit leather and peanut butter sammie, cheese and fruit for Missy Lulu's snack time at playschool.)

I couldn't resist this Hello Kitty steel tray set from Bento Craft. It even came with a cover (Shown up top) and a carrying case bag. But I will only use the trays for hot home meals for the girls. The food:
  1. Beef Stew...still using plastic bowls till Baby stops throwing them. Smh
  2. Oven fries
  3. Ketchup for dipping
  4. Sliced cucumbers and mozzarella ball on food pick
  5. Strawberries
Another lunch here:
  1.  Hello Kitty Pancake with fruit leather hair flower and cup cake decor nose 
  2. Sliced oven potatoes, Ham and green beans
  3. Wilton muffin cup with nectarines and a Hello kitty cupcake ring
  4. Carrot hearts with a Hello Kitty pick
  5. Apple sauce made from our own apple tree!


  1. Your meals look delicious in those cute lunch trays!

  2. The look great! I love the steel trays :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ming!!...I would love to see what you'd do with em...dust me that's for sure!

  4. Oh wow I LOVE the fun and creativity of these tray-bento meals!!

    1. Thank you Jenn Sweetie!! Now if I could fly in and take a photography class from you I'd be in good shape right?!!

  5. I really really love those trays!! So super cute!

    1. Hello wonderful Sheri!
      So glad you liked it...me: (grinning and honored)