Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bentos gone to the dogs!!

It's a overcast day today and baby sunshine is fast asleep! I have a cup of tea and my laptop, happy to have a few moments to myself to blog! We had nice lunches today using the Hello Kitty tins...
For lunch we had:
  1. Homemade cream of chicken soup
  2. cottage cheese with bologna doll! (instead of paper) cheese and nori details. Above skirt and hair is eggplant)
  3. Steamed peas
  4. Tomatoes and slice cucumbers
  5. sliced chicken nuggets 
For school snack I picked dogs as the oldest loves dogs. She would make a wonderful vet someday!!
In this snack bento she has two poodles...I used marzipan again. I would love to try and make pink bread like what you see at Bentomonsters, remember that pink poodle? (It was super cute!!)But until I find a good recipe, Marzipan is my medium!
  1. Poodle  sammie made of butter bread and marzipan (sausage and nori paw)
  2. Tiny cheese and nori poodle face...used the tiny Carl craft punch.
  3. Two sausage bows
  4. Apple juice
The day before Missy Lulu took this bento:
  1. A doggie apple muffin...homemade from our own apples!
  2. Two sausage puppies with cheese details got this idea from the amazing Luckysudnae at her blog cuteobento. (Careful you'll spend hours drooling over her work!)
  3. Sliced plum and nectarine
  4. Apple juice
 Linking these meals to Whats for Lunch Wednesday week 122


  1. Wow! They are all so cute, I can't decide which one I like best.

    1. Thank you Ming!
      Ha! That's how I feel about everything you post!

  2. Love them all and those tiny detailing on the doll is amazing!:)

    1. Thank you lovely Rina!!
      I had losts of practice with many paper dolls growing up! Some things never change! Lol

  3. super cute! i'm following you now. :)

    1. Welcome Hooray Bento!! Thank you so much and I enjoyed reading your blog. I will check in with you as well. You've got great bento ideas!