Friday, November 16, 2012

Scarecrow Bento

I love fall and all the wonderful symbols of harvest time.  One of my favorite fall symbols is the happy scarecrow. I think scarecrows are such a neat American icon, and seeing  pictures of them always makes me think of golden corn fields in the midlands.

In these bentos the girls and I shared:
  1. Rice formed into scarecrows, with salami hats and alfalfa sprout stuffing. The nose is carrot and the neck scarf is cheese and salami.
  2. A Sliced pork chop.
  3. Steamed broccoli
  4. Tamagoyaki (Japanese style rolled omelette) with American cheese slice.
  5. A corn dog muffin from our freezer stock
  6. Fruit of grapes, clementine wedges, and beautiful red currant berries.
  7. A cherry tomato
I shared this lunch with the girls, but it was too much food for us all; (I'm not eating rice or fruit, so I only shared the meat, eggs and a little broccoli.) So the leftover were our dinner meal too.


  1. Amazing! The scarecrows are funny and genious! They remind me of the Wizard of Oz, story I've always liked a lot :)
    Are there many corn fields from where you are from?
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Pipa!! I love the Wizard of Oz too! I was born in the South so not huge corn fields but my grannie had a pretty big garden and she could grow corn!

  2. Your scarecrows are so amazing!! Awesome job :D

  3. Awesome! Love the details on your scarecrows. Looks great as always!

  4. I love the idea. As you say they bring the image of a corn field, even if there aren't much scarecrows here.

    I hope you and the girls had a great time sharing bentos ^^

  5. Very cute scarecrows and look yummy too!:) I like scarecrows and have them all over my yard as decorations, lol. Have a great week ahead!:)

  6. Ok, WOW. These lunches are just beautiful!! You are seriously one talented bento mama! Don't know how you can actually eat those cute things, though. haha! :) Really beautiful lunches, girl!