Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Santa Bento!

Here is yet another Santa should be as he's a pretty big character of the holiday season! I made this lunch out of the same Tupperware box that is from the sushi party line. It's OK, but man, it was too expensive and I regret that I didn't by tons of cutesy tiny bento boxes from Japan instead...but I digress.

Santa is made from what is known as karjalanpiiraat or karelian pies/pasties. Karelian pies are made from a thin rye crust with a filling of rice.These are usually store bought, (by me anyways!!) Next it's common to mix butter with boiled egg (egg butter or munavoi), and spread over the pasties before eating. It's yummy!

I have a spirooli 3 in 1 turning slicer that makes wonderful curls out of carrots, cucumbers or any tubular veggie really; so curls of something vegetable is a standby in every lunch. Fruit of a small tangerine and lovely red maraschino cherries are dessert! All done in about 10 mins tops!! (^.^)