Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tiny Snowman!

This was the bento sent with Missy Lulu on this past Thursday. I had been wanting to experiment with this tiny cup bento box for weeks and got the inspiration to try it! She had only oranges, grapes and super sweet slices of mango. With the fruit I added two quails egg arranged like a snowman! He is super tiny with a tiny red tomato hat and red crab stick scarf. I used my super super tiny Carl Craft face punch to make nori facial features and the tiny little buttons. I used the multi-functional bone picks for arms...sadly they did not make it home! Sniff, guess I make edible arms next time! As tiny as this bento was she still could not finish it completely empty. She had eaten the snowman and all her grapes, but only chewed a orange slice and didn't touch the mango!! Fine, treat for mommy then!!

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