Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Cane Bento!

I love the color combination of red and white. While anything with polka dots attracts my immediate attention (and wallet(^~^)!!) Candy Cane stripes are a big favorite as well, taking top place during the Christmas season! Missy Lulu wasn't aware of what a candy cane was at all though?!! But no worries because #1 It's a candy and that's a VERY easy sell...yeah. #2. Being that candy canes are quite simple and lovely it appeals to my little visual diva! She says, "It's pretty and I'm going to eat it!" LOl!
Today's box holds a peanut butter and fruit leather "candy cane." On the candy cane picks are pineapple and cherries. Veggies and a couple of salami links accompany.

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