Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hyvää Joulua with Finnish World Music

Hyvää Joulua, Merry Christmas!! Christmas time here in Finland is a wonderful place. It's a time to enjoy all the old traditions, especially traditional music. One of Missy Lulu's (and my)favorite television shows is called Mimmikoto...Chicks home.
The series of shows are a delight to the eyes and ears. The colors of the show are so vivid with most of the themes being about Eastern Finnish mythology and folklore. The music is sung by two sisters from Eastern Finland, and they (Pauliina and Hannamari) are the main characters. Their style of Finnish world music is both ancient and modern, it's a beautiful blend all around and perfect for this time of year. So Mimmikoto was my personal challenge to create for my holiday lunch feature.
In this holiday bento we have the girls of Mimmikoto in their traditional Finnish costume. I made the girls with egg sheet and cheese. The girls are standing in a technicolor world, just like the show! The background is rice dyed pink with pickled beet juice. I used cucumber shavings to separate the other lunch items, like chicken nuggets, beets, carrots, radishes carved like toadstools and boiled egg. For dessert we have fat, sweet grapes with lounging pink and white bunnies. I enjoyed making, and eating (^-^) this bento as I have NEVER done one for myself ever! I will do this for myself again day! LoL!! Anyways Happy Wednesday, and Happy Holidays to you!
Down below I left the youtube link so you can see and hear Mimmikoto for yourself! Check it out!
Love KiKi

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