Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello Kitty Bento!

Missy Lulu got a extra girly bento for today....and here in Finland, as well as everywhere else; all the girls love Hello Kitty!! I was also inspired by Bento mommy, Different Kind of Curls mommy style lunchable. I used to love lunchables as a kid, but they were quite expensive so I rarely got them. But now my little one, who has never even seen a lunchable has a super cute one (if I say so for myself!!) In this bento we have tiny Hello Kitty shaped meat, cheese, and tortilla slices. She has a dipping sauce of Tzatziki( her favorite!)in a tiny Hello Kitty sauce cup. Veggies are cucumber, carrot spirals and tomato. For desert there are grapes and a rabbit carved apple! She really loved this one and said it was "Tosi tosi hyvä!" (Very, very good!)
Yay me! (^_^)