Friday, January 13, 2012

Back to basics bento

I had to go back to basics with Missy Lulu's bento today.. meaning no treats, no sugar.  It's  really my own fault. I love the idea of a little sweet after a meal, even if it's  is a sugary treat...all in moderation right!? But a four year old just doesn't  get it sometimes. For the past three lunches, she has not TOUCHED anything except the sweets! Nothing, and she refused to even eat the healthier things, like her sandwiches or fruit as a after playschool snack! I have also noticed  when she says she's hungry she's only  interested in ice cream or whatever sweet snacks are in in the house! Not having that at all! Not to mention that both I and daddy have kilos to lose ourselves! So I've confiscated the treats temporarily, and I have a couple of good healthy eating books I'll start reading to her everyday. Hopefully we'll see some lunch time improvement and some empty bentos!Meanwhile...

In today's bento she had half of a puzzle sammie, made with bologna ,chives and cream cheese. To go with her little sammies she got tomatoes and apple slices! I still added the super cute factor of Rilakkuma food picks and her rilakkuma bento box!