Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daddy is now addicted to bentos!! I (was) supposed to make him lunch to take to work two maybe three times a week...but that has changed! LoL, he said, "I want this every, every day!" Mocking our daughter begging for sweets and candy!(^-^) So Mommy's work load has increased but "I can do it!" I kinda like planning out adult bentos right now. I still have the cutesy/tiny food love but I can definitely get into the beautiful crafting side of bento making. And my husband has given me so much praise and even showed his work colleagues so the pressure is on to produce good stuff! I need large bentos now and I've ordered him a Mr. Bento from Amazon but until then I'll just have to work with this Tupperware set I bought last year.
This is a vegetarian lunch as hubby not so keen on a lot of meat and he wore his self out on chicken Caesars these three days....I warned him! Anyways today is meatless Wednesday!!

He got a huge salad filled with veggies like olives, cherry tomatoes, and star shaped  bell peppers all on picks.Other veggie spirals of carrot and cucumber  I spun out of my Spirooli slicer.  He also got a heaping serving of feta cheese squares, boiled edamame and red onion. I made a yummy ramen noodle side salad and placed it in a red food cup. I got a little cutesy with a Rocket theme running over from my daughter's  Kimmo Kuu space bento. He luckily loved The adventures of Tintin as a kid and that's what I tried to model my apple carving after.The massive salad is completed with a few blueberries,  a Babybel cheese with a star design and a container of salad dressing.  . In the smaller round container I added a few  spinach/feta cheese parcels baked up this morning!  And then he sent me a lovely text saying he loved it!! Awwww (^o^)

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