Monday, January 23, 2012

A Family of Bentos

Hi everyone! Had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I spent time just puttering around the house and playing with the girls. Nothing special for us, just, no engagements, no need to be anywhere especially, and no agenda; my dream weekend these days!

As always, Monday morning rolled around; and  it was "time to make the donuts bentos again! And this time I was happily making a bento for my lunchtime; as well as lunches for my sweet hubby and Missy Lulu! This is what I came up with by the time daddy and daughter were walking out the house for work and playschool:

Missy Lulu got grapes, spreadable cheese, and goldfish "like" crackers. All in a super sweet Winnie the Pooh container!

Daddy got a BBQ. riblette and chicken hornet salad. Complete with coleslaw and bun!

And lastly me!! Mommy got a bento lunch to jump start my low carb lifestyle/diet. I am determined to practice portion control using bento boxes..."when it's all gone that's it!"

Inside this bento we have low carb chicken fried rice
cauliflower. (Recipe here!) The cauliflower "rice" was topped with  tofu butterflies with bologna and black sesame details. I also had some salad and a babybel cheese to round out lunch. I felt really satisfied and feel excited about doing it all over again tomorrow! See you then! (^.^)

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