Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lunar Jim Lunch!

Lunar Jim is a popular cartoon here in Finland, but I believe it's a Canadian Production. It's all about Astronaut Jim and his team of scientist finding adventure in outer-space! Missy Lulu requested to have Kimmo and Säde (the Finnish names of Jim and Ripple his moon engineer. I love her character! She's so smart and always comes up with clever new inventions.
For this bento we have two bread origiri sandwiches. Jim is like a mini cheese burger, with a beef meatball and mayo inside and the cheesy face and hair of Jim. Ripple or Säde is dessert...filled with Nutella ; her  face and hair is made out of marzipan..yummy! We also have a carved apple space ship and edamame on star skewers! This was fun to make, I hope she enjoys it..And as Jim says "Let's Get Lunar!!"
I wanted to show their faces with and without their space helmets on. The helmet is made from on of those plastic balls holding toys in those 25cent dispensers...but I don't know how it got home though, ..I would never buy one of those things! Lol


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    1. Thanks...I wish I were, this was by special request! Turkey only ate dessert I know who's the clever one! Hummph!