Friday, January 13, 2012

Daddy's Tuesday bento

Wow, I missed Daddy's Tuesday bento so  I'll get it in now as well! (^.^) He loved the Chicken nugget Caesar Salad! He ate it for three bentos and I had to convince him to try something else! But I don't blame him! He had lots of lovely yummy stuff in there!

I made Donald Duck picks for my Donald Duck fan. Did you know that Fin's are crazy about Donald Duck? Yes, the duck is WAY more popular than a "certain" mouse here! LoL Maybe it's his feisty attitude. Fins call it SISU, pronounced "See-sue". Daddy has been collecting the weekly magazine Anu Ankka (Finnish for Donald Duck) since childhood.And that's just great for me because he's ok with a tiny bit of cute-ness in his bento..especially if it involves "The Donald" LoL!!

So yes, on the Donald Duck picks we have ham florets. Next he has a wheat roll and a babybel cheese with a "workman's" (^.^) hammer. In the carrot shaped container there are fried breaded onions...they can't be that healthy but they make everything taste AWWESOME!!! Not diet food at all but, I only gave him a tiny bit anyways! The usual salad vegetables accompanied the meal; they were cucumber and carrot curls, red bell pepper and lettuce. In the green contain we have his beloved Caesar dressing and in the plastic wrap there is grated Parmesan cheese. In his second container there is a man's size serving of chicken nuggets!  Lastly, a smaller container of extra dressing, just in case!

I so like making his lunches..the boxes always come home so clean I could practically just put the box back in the cupboard! Nice!(^_^)

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