Friday, January 13, 2012

Hogie Bento for Daddy!

I love sandwiches! especially Italian subs with the cross of tart veggies and vinegar and spicy Italian salami and Bologna...and yum... good crusty Italian bread!! So good! But alas I  live in Finland and there's no Italian deli to be found; so I have to "wing it" with what I can find! But after shopping for daddy's lunch this is what I came up with for T.G.I.F. !!

In Friday's hogie bento daddy got a big crusty hogie roll sliced in half and some of the inside carved out to make room for all the goodies!My cowboy also got olives on a cowboy hat pick. In the silicone cups are pickled red onion and pickled cucumber. Along with all the healthy salad fixin's he got smoked turkey, cheese and ham slices. In his smaller container he got a treat of B.B.q potato chips! I know he'll love this one!

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