Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keep it simple Thursday

Keeping things simple today. Still full of Halloween spirit but have almost reached the end of my Halloween idea bank! Today I decide to buy time with some simple picks and the cute stickers already on my little one's bento box and containers.

In this bento box there was
  1. Turkey rolls with mozzarella on  long pumpkin sticks...was a big hit from yesterday!
  2. Small container of peach yogurt with the pumpkin sticker on top.
  3. Grapes with ghost pick on top.
  4. Orange juice to drink

Nothing too spectacular, but still in the theme of things and destined to come home with an empty box! I like that well enough!! 


  1. Simple but cute, it's an easy and funny way to use the Halloween picks (and great idea when you don't have much time)

  2. Thanks,Mayumi!! Not much time or energy trick! Haha!

  3. Aw, cute lil' jacko! And sweet picks bento :)

  4. Thanks Sheri, not much effort here but I do love those picks...they saved me! Lol!

  5. I always love the idea of simple and cute! Using sticker is a great tip and adds to the cuteness :-) Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  6. Simple and cute, will drill it into my rock hard head!! Lol Have a super awesome weekend in the sunny land Rina...I've been dumped under loads of snow already!!! (´o´)