Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up After the Party!

Well, I've rested for about a week after a huge event... My oldest Missy Lulu is FIVE YEARS OLD!!! 0-o (Unbelievable)!! My tiny little peanut of a pixie child is now a officially a kid, but what a wonderful kid she is!!
 We celebrated with a huge Pop Star Birthday Party...complete with Justin Biber and Robin Packalen (the Finnish Biber) pop songs playing during a mini disco! Missy Lulu and her pals all had a blast and I and her dotting Isi did as well! Happy 5th Birthday Missy Lulu!!

For starter's let me include the last bento in my Dora the explorer bento theme of last week:

In this snack bento she had:
  1. A cheese and Aioli sammie with Backpack drawn on soy wrap edible paper and food safe pen.
  2. Black berries and red grapes
  3. carrot sticks
  4.  Orange juice

Now, back to the party! I was inspired by the super cute invitations I bought from this wonderful Etsy shop named Jcbabycakes... here. The colors of hot pink, aqua, and zebra print were pop star party perfect!! The snazzy decor  thrilled all my little rockettes without totally offending my tiny rock dudes (Always a good thing!!)  I already had a zebra print table cloth and hot pink chair sashes from a previous party; so with the accessories from jcbabycakes and a few cut out stars from poster paper our party table looked like this...

With a title wave of sugar presented at the party I thought it best to serve a bento lunch. Here are the party bentos:
In each "Rocker" bento was:
  1. A "Rockabilly" Guitar Pizza with extra cheese and nori details
  2. Two heart sausages
  3. Two mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil snack on a pretty heart party pick
  4. A couple of cucumber slices
Of course we had a Super Star Cake!!  Baked by the birthday girl and her mommy!
 And with a fantastic/mini diva party outfit (Sent to us from Grandpa and Awesome Auntie Juanita!!)
My little Rockette was ready to party!!
And Party We Did!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Missy Lulu....You are My Super Star!!!!

All My Super Stars keep my life bright!!
I've Linked the Party Bento to "What's for Lunch Wednesday week 124."


  1. backpack backpack... now I have that song in my head. Awesome backpack bento and Love the pics! Happy Birthday to your cutie!! :)

  2. Love the idea of the bentos for the party!

    1. Haha Lau-raw, I'm obsessed like that...always thinking how can I tie a bento into a a ladies luncheon Fri! Whoo-hoo!

  3. Awww... looks like your 5-year-old had an awesome time. Great work on the party, cake, and bentos! Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity.

    1. Thank you so much Keitha! I think this is the first party where she totally understood the whole birthday and party idea as a special day for her! It was just as much fun for me as it was for her!

  4. Love the backpack!! N what a cool superstar pty, right down to ur awesome customized bentos! :)

    1. Thank you so much Ming!! I wish I could have ordered from that awesome shop mymealbox...I just tried to make my own, just not nearly as amazing but still fun!

  5. What a wonderful party and pictures! Cute backpack bento and I love your idea of preparing bentos for the party and of course the cake-yum, you must be tired though!:)

  6. Wooo, I can tell I'm getting older, can't party like I used too! Lol But Thank you so much Rina!