Wednesday, October 24, 2012

M-W Halloween Lunches

Wow it's so easy to get behind these days!! It seems like the rush for the holidays starts right now, and there's a ton of activity right up until New Years! I'm still cranking along with Halloween themed bentos though, I hope to make it right up to the 31st! Here's the lunches from Monday through today!

In this bento lunch there were
  1. Frankie's Boy Monsters...spinach pancakes garnished with nori and cheese.
  2. A small container of passion fruit yogurt (In love with these tiny reusable containers  I bought from !!Super tiny and the lid snaps on tight!! Score!!!)
  3. Grapes and sliced apple with ghost pick.
  4. Box of milk

Tuesday's Bento:

In this bento lunch there were
  1. Costumed kids as bunnies...Ham wrap sandwiches with cheese lettuce and mayo.
  2. Mini pumpkin pie pockets...made with homemade pumpkin butter! Yummy!
  3. O.J.
I got the idea for the tiny trick or treat holders from the wonderfully amazing Rina of Bento School lunches!! See here for her super adorable teddy bear bento version! (I love her wonderful ideas as much as her beautiful personality!!) She's such an inspiration and motivator for me!

Wednesday, October 24 Bento Lunches
I love making arts/ crafts and baking with my girls. Today was or bake day and we made pumpkin butter drop cookies for her snack bento today.
  1. I made owl like eyes with a carrot nose from the cookies
  2. Turkey rolls  with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on a long pumpkin pick.
  3. Cucumbers with dill dipping sauce in the tiny container.
  4. Boxed milk to drink
Little Miss Baker!
The delicious results!!!!
Like tiny mouth fulls of pumpkin pie!

Daddy's Lunch for today...
In his bento he had
  1. A scary Krusty the Clown hogie sandwich. Krusty is made from cheese, tortilla, nori and food safe marker over bologna.
  2. Sides of olives, cherry tomatoes, wasabi almonds and marinated onions.
  3. Sliced tomato for his sandwich.

That's it for now! Whew!!

Linking these lunches to What's for Lunch Wednesday week 126!


  1. Those are all super cute and quite scary lunches, difficult to pick which is my favorite lunch, I like them al1:) Your little angel baker is so precious!<3
    Awwww, thanks for the kind and sweet mention, my heart is touched! You are right, this is the busiest season till after New Year's but it is all FUN!!

    1. Thanks Rina, I had a blast with all the Halloweeny themes! I just had to give a "shout out" to my wonderful and talented bento buddy...she's just so awesome! ^-* On with the fun!!!

  2. These are all so great!! And Krusty is amazing! :) Love them all!

    1. Oh thank you so much Jenn! When you like something I know it's cool! Feeling good about it too! Lol

  3. Thanks Ming, but I'm glad it's almost Halloween, stuggling to think of something new...and it ain't happening yet! Lol Just got to make it to Wed!

  4. Too cute I love Krusty the vampire :)

  5. All of these are so creative and fun!!

  6. So much cuteness in one post. I love the Frankensteins,Krusty, and that adorable picture of Little Miss Baker.

  7. great job kish, you are so good to two for mt favorite girls in the world!!!!

  8. Love love love the lunches! You are amazing! I cannot get over Krusty the Clown! You rock!

  9. You're a doll Mamabelly! Thank you for saying such nice things!