Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Witchy Hello Kitty!

It's Halloween Day and I've enjoyed all the spooky, creepy, and cute holiday spirit I can take!! I had one last Halloween lunch in me for this year, using my favorite fall back. Meaning,  when all else fails and I run out of ideas, turn to my cutest buddy to help me out: Miss Hello Kitty! Look, Kitty's been playing in her Halloween makeup and today she's feeling witchy!

In this muffin tin lunch the girls had:
  1. A pumpkin chicken nugget with carrot and pea flowers
  2. A green Hello kitty witch, made with rice and pea puree. Her dress is cheese with nori detail and shes wearing a witch's hat pick
  3. A small salad of tomato wedge and curly lettuce.
  4. ketchup for dipping
  5. fruit cocktail
Here's a look at Witchy Kitty!

I used this fun bento set from Bento USA .( Check out my bento buddy Jeejee's site for all your bento tools, bentos and more!!! It's Heavenly!) Anyways, this is the fun tool I bought to make this paper doll like onigiri.

I used the bear shape and pinched the rounded ears pointy. I also flattened out the Bear's snout to have the flat surface for Kitty's face. Cant wait to play with this!

For the girls sweet tea snack I made more green Witchy Kittys!

This time Witchy Kitty is green marzipan on a plain pancake. They also had a few grapes underneath the pancake. I served this with a container of ice cold milk! Yummy!

So that's it for Halloween 2012! So glad you spent it with me, see ya next year Witchy Kitty! ^-^

Linking these meals to Muffin tin Monday. And What's for lunch Wednesday, week 127.


  1. soooooo cute :) and OMG that tiny witch shirt!!! soooo cool

  2. Awww, this is super cute and I need to try rice and pea puree and hope that N will eat more peas if I make it into cute shapes. Thanks for sharing this great idea!:)

  3. Total squee and what a GREAT idea to make adorable HK a cute witch--an idea I may need to "borrow" next year!

  4. Very cute! I wish my boy would eat rice. Your little rice witch is adorable.