Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Lunch with Elmo!

Missy Lulu loves Elmo!! So I packed him up for a little lunch for playschool this past week. This was my second attempt to participate  with the Bento of the Week, but I keep goofing up on the dead lines!! Ahhhgh!  Anyways  this weeks theme was Red. So here it is in all his red cuteness!

In this lunch we have a Elmo "flip up" peanut butter and fruit leather "jelly" sammie. I say "flip up" only because the "jelly" part is on the outside of the sandwich and the peanut butter spread inside. I made a simple Elmo pick with some stickers and added red grapes. Along with the red grapes we have sliced red plums with cute red crayon picks! To drink she had a strawberry  V-8 type of veggie /fruit juice.  Happy to say she ate it all!

I had planned to participate in last weeks theme as well but got goofed up on the entry date again ...But, I'll post it here as well...the theme was green so I made a Kermit the frog!...

Kermit is a spinach pancake, a traditional Finnish speciality, with a salami tongue along with cheese and nori details. A tiny salad of Rocket makes his collar. Green pears with a couple of Kermit's froggy buddies on picks sit in a green silicone cup. A green box of apple juice completes lunch! Maybe I'll get things in order for next week! It's snow!

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