Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Mumi's House for Lunch!

I was excited to make today's bento using a brand new bento box set called Cocolon from Casa Bento. It's lovely pink with polka dots. With a large thermal compartment holding 240 mls and two smaller food containers holding 160 mls each, this set holds a very nice sized lunch! I bought this set for myself; thinking that once it becomes warm and sunny outside I'd love to have a nice picnic lunch in the yard while my girls played...but this lunch was packed for Missy Lulu.

In this lunch she had quick cook cheese ravioli pasta. I mixed the packaged pasta with a cheese, broccoli and basil sauce I whipped up. In one of the smaller containers I packed oven roasted chicken wings, basil and cherry tomatoes. In the other pink container I packed fruit (grapes and a strawberry)and fresh baked blueberry muffin wedges from breakfast!

So just before lunch Mumi (Finnish for Grandma) pops by our house, well Missy Lulu takes two seconds to dump me and her baby sister to be with her Mumi and off they went! Oh well, so much for fancy new bentos! (^o^) It will be her dinner then!


  1. Pink is my favorite color and I love your new bento boxes! Looks yummy and the chicken wings are making me hungry :)

  2. I know ^.^ I made them because I got tired of drooling at Sheri's at Happy Little Bento (EVERY DOG GONE TIME!) LOL!! I couldn't take it anymore!

  3. Pink is also my fav color n I love polka dots, so I'm in love with ur new bento! Love it. :)

  4. Yes love the pink but I'm mad over polka dots too!! ^.^