Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Couple of Super Yummy Low Carb Bentos

I've gotten myself in a little battle over my weight, or I've always been fighting it more honestly! Never that thin as a child or teenager, I felt that I never looked to my full attractiveness because of the extra weight. As a young adult, really after I started a career as a Flight Attendant I got the tools to really beat those extra pounds; meaning party life, months of hotels with no kitchen, and diet pills. Though I was thin, I wasn't all that happy with the side effects of living that way and thankfully I got things together before I ran into any real problems.

Fast forward ten years later and I have a lovely husband, two babies, and even a poodle! (^.^) Life is a blessing everyday, but once again I am much too heavy at 72kilos or 158pounds, and at the height of 5'4" or 163cm, I'm doing my looks no favors!
My goal is long term foxy-ness which to me is at around 55kilo or 121pounds, lots of exercise and of course healthy eating; that's where my bento obsession can come in quite handy!! Yay!!

I have to have portion control for life now that I will be the big 4-0 next year...but no worries because Mommy KiKi will be a hottie me! Anyways back to my Bento Beat the Pounds Plan. With the portion control and honestly, detailed planning that goes into bento making; I have the keys to live quite happily on  restricted calories and even carbs. I'm on the Induction phase of the Atkins diet/ lifestyle and plan to document my biggest meal here ( my  bento packed lunch). I choose to follow the Atkins diet plan  because of the abundance of Internet information on the diet, the easy  availability of foods to eat on it, and the lack of starvation (A big plus for a stay-at-home mom like me!)

Another key to my diet and bento; is for me beauty...I just love the attractiveness of a well put together bento.  It gives me instant encouragement, and I feel totally indulged without the calories. I love spending the time researching and creating my own little treasure box each day for not just my four year old and my husband, but yes, even myself!! Now on to some photos!

This is a taco salad bento based on Linda's Low Carb recipe here. Along with this yummy little salad I had a treat of unsweetened Greek yogurt which I added a couple of drops of saccharine and adorned with a tiny sprig of cilantro and a tiny lemon wedge. The lovely little dessert cup held three tablespoons fulls and I savored it with a tiny dessert spoon!

I made tiny little "taco shell" cups from a 0 carb provolone cheese slice. You simply cook in the microwave for 1 minute or two depending on your microwave power, while still hot and able to mold,  cup the cheese around a small glass (or any small round shape in your kitchen); and voila` a tiny taco basket to hold all your yummy-ness! Looky-luu!!

It even bites was just so nice!

Mornings I have a soft boiled egg and some type of 0 carb breakfast meat. And every weekday morning I have a big cup of vanilla tea with saccharine and coconut oil. Coconut oil has a ton of benefits and can really zoom your low carb dieting. Read all about it here.

Pasta is a big no-no  initially on a low carb diet, but there are good substitutes once you are in the goal weight achieved maintenance phase of your low carb lifestyle. But I found a super healthy and delicious alternative for my diet right now!!
This is raw zucchini squash "pasta" cut from my Spirooli veggie slicer Delightful!!

This is how the bento turned out...
In this delicious bento I had the zucchini "pasta"with soy sauce, along with two lamb meatballs, warm Greek salad (with cherry tomatoes, spinach , red onion, pea pods and feta cheese). To dip the meat balls, I made three tablespoons of low carb tzatiki with mint dressing recipe here. I sipped a wine glass of sparkling water with my lovely lunch!

Now that I've settled well into my Induction phase of the Atkins diet I really enjoy and really taste my meals. I can say it's completely satisfying and I don't miss a thing!

For my next bento's I will feature a drool worthy bento from some of the many "Bento Masters" in cyberspace. My plan is to recreate the bento best I can, but tweak the ingredients to my low carb lifestyle. Check in next week to see what I can come up with!


  1. Julia showed me your blog yesterday and I had to start to follow it right away! What a lovely idea you have there :D I have some low-carb recipes in my blog too at - in Finnish though - so welcome to read it and learn the language too :D

    1. Hi Dear!!! Yes, that's an awesome idea!! I've wanted to follow your blog forever anyways!! Thank you for looking out for me!