Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winnie the Pooh and Tiny BLT Bentos

These are two bentos I made for Missy Lulu last week.

Another Winnie the Pooh...
This lunch had "Nalle Pooh" or Teddy Bear shaped pasta (Missy's favorite thing!) and peas. Along with the pasta she had sliced kiwi fruit and a couple of grapes on a Winnie pick. The Winnie figure on the pasta is American cheese slice and nori cuts from a Winnie the Pooh punch! She cleaned the whole box!! (^.^)

Next day she had a BLT bento...
Here she had her very first bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on really soft brown bread. I cut little flowers out of 1 slice of bread before adding the mayo and cherry tomato, bacon and lettuce. The cute little sammies are held together with jeweled colored flower picks and sitting in tiny paper cups. Along with the two sammies she had a flower cup of grapes and some "No  junk" brand wheat cookies. A box of orange juice completed this lunch. Even though this is a super simple lunch,  i thought it to be very pretty with the cute-ness of the sammies and the lovely green of this sandwich box, complimented by the iconic poppy flower Merrimekko napkin. She ate well, but didn't eat everything...she left the flower cut bread slices untouched...maybe she's thinking of going low carb like Mommy? Who knows! Lol  (^-^)

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