Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simple Valentine's Lunch

Wednesday's lunch for Missy Lulu was pretty basic...but that doesn't mean she didn't love it!

In this lunch she had a boiled egg dressed with a smirky smile and her Sunday hat. Along with her egg, she had a cracker- pretzel mix in a heart shaped silicone cup. What she like most was her treasured egg (which she found last year in an Easter Egg Hunt) filled with a soft, gooey, spreadable cheese! I thought the hearts made it perfect for my Valentine's theme this week! She also had milk to drink and half a kiwi for dessert!


  1. Cute egg, I took sometime looking at most of your bentos and they are all super cute! Simple is good at times, I do that a lot:)

  2. Thanks Rina! I am learning how to get that simple but complete look just right, you've got it and I know it takes practice! Luckily it's such fun! Thank-you so much for the support!