Friday, February 3, 2012

Squirrel Bento

Missy Lulu's Friday lunch had a little squirrel inside! She loves squirrels and always wants to catch any she sees in the park or even the backyard!! I hope she'll love this little guy too!!

In this lunch there is our little squirrel sitting atop of a traditional Finnish snack called Lihapasteia; which is basically minced beef wrapped inside biscuit dough. The squirrel is made from cut Gouda and American sliced cheese; with nori details. His acorn snack is also bread crust and Gouda cheese. This lunch is pretty healthy with the addition of broccoli with a little tree trunk pick and three sweet cherry tomatoes.She also has dried fruit cut into flowers for dessert! I really liked the look of this lunch,.. i hope shh eats it all!

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