Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Globe Bento

This is my first time getting my schedule straight to participate in the Bento of the Week!! Yay!! I have made two other bentos to enter the festivities  here , but was completely confused about entry times!! Anyways, I finally got things together! This weeks theme is snow; so I made Missy Lulu an ice skater snow globe lunch!

I sketched the ice skater with wax paper, then cut out the form with a tooth pick on Gouda cheese. I filled in the details with pieces of nori. The sandwich is what (used) to be my favorite before going low carb; strawberry jam and Philadelphia cream cheese. The popcorn represents snow, and I placed lots of little cupcake snow sprinkles around our little ice skater...a frosty milk completes the lunch! I packed everything up in Missy's polar bear bento to boot! Fun!