Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching up on lunches with daddy

I've fallen behind with posting again... but luckily I have kept track with my photos so I can easily update when I have free moments! I'll just show you the "goods" and give a brief description, OK! (^-^)

In this lunch daddy got a big portion of Chicken and Broccoli Casserole recipe here. To accompany this he got a simple side salad.

This is a make your own sandwich bento with Salami, a bologna pate I made with Aioli mayo and chives, cheese and veggies. I sent a pear and a Clementine orange for a snack.

Here's his favorite Chicken nugget Caesar Salad....again ('-') At least this time I added a fruit salad of grapes, pears and kiwis!

I went all out (well kinda, ha) for a Indian themed lunch Monday Jan. 30th. I "zucched up" a jar of Uncle Ben's Tikka Masala sauce with fresh chillies, fresh cilantro and ground cumin seeds. Then I lumped a bag of spicy "falafel like" veggie balls in a Tupperware box to marinate for a day and night. I added a Red onion Indian salad/side dish and made a Indian and vegetable cous-cous. The samosas, onion fritters and Naan were grocery store bought from the freezer section. It was all a total hit! He kept saying it all tasted so REAL...real? Well OK! (^.^)

Yesterday I kept things simple with a nice veggie wrap sandwich! Filled with yummy avocado, spicy cheese and carrot salad, red onions, tomatoes, red bell pepers, and Chinese cabbage! It looked so good I just had to show you a slice of it!

Huge Post...but that's all of it for now! See you again soon!
Love, KiKi (^-^)

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