Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arrrgh, It's still Pirate Month at Leikkikoulu

Arrrgh, It's still Pirate month at Leikkikoulu! Here are a few of the snack bentos Missy Lulu has taken to playschool.

A Pirate Ship:
  • Whole wheat tortilla spread with Apple butter. Cheese nori and salami details
  • A banana wedge
  • Mozzarella cheese balls and two cherry tomato swords!
  • Orange juice to drink and a chocolate gold doubloon for a treat!

A Pirate Boy...this little guy is all over bento world, and he's been done a million times...but he's easy right?
  • A Pirate sammie of bologna cheese and nori.
  • Red Bell Pepper slices
  • Banana Yogurt
  • Apple juice to drink
Ugh, woke up late...had no clue what to do! LoL
  • Flower sammie spread with a pineapple pecan cream cheese.
  • A big strawberry, blueberries, and carrot sticks. (The tiny bear container holds Tzatziki sauce)
  • Orange juice to drink

(Today's snack bento )A Pirate Egg
  • A boiled egg "Pirate" Nori and bologna details
  • two strips of bacon..yummy, bacon. ^.^
  • A big strawberry and blueberries

I've got one more pirate lunch left in me (with a lot of month left..) If any of you ladies have any Pirate theme ideas please share with me!

These lunches have been linked to's  What's for Lunch Wednesday! Week 95


  1. The pirate ship is amazing and the pirates are cute. Superb art work and detailing! I like the idea of the gold coin with the ship :) I often wonder how you managed to cut the detailing so small and cute. My hands tend to shake when I cut small items,lol.

  2. Thanks Rina! I like doing the small things, but I have a ton of tools. I also use a super sharp exacto knife which makes cutting sharp lines a little easier. But ya it's all about equiptment I've least for me it is.

  3. Arrrrh.... my pirate loving kids would be so excited if I made them this for lunch. I like the idea of using nori to accessorize the egg.

  4. Thanks Cindy! Please give it a go for your little pirate fans! Arrrh!

  5. The pirate ship is beautiful. Love the nori details.

    1. Thank you so much Keitha...I've been away but I'm ready to get back in the swing of things again!