Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mickey Mouse Bento and Muffin Tin

Missy Lulu has had quite a boost in her appetite lately. It's quite shocking for me to here "Mom I'm hungry!" .."You?" is my usual reply, but the Mommy in me is happy to hear it really! Lol. I've started making quick, smaller snack bentos for school now; and a large full lunch for her to sit at the table and have with me. It's a wonderful change to the day because usually I had to beg her to eat what ever picked through items she didn't eat at playschool. Now the box comes home empty and she's looking for lunch! I love it!
Today she had a Mickey Mouse snack bento and Muffin tin for lunch.
In this snack bento she has:
  • A "Mickey Mouse" Egg  "He's a mess, but I was sleepy this morning!" LoL
  • Edamame on Mickey Mouse sticker picks.
  • A sesame herb mix in the Mickey Mouse container to sprinkle on egg.
  • Orange wedges and a big strawberry.

When she came home from playschool she had this muffin tin.

In her Mickey Mouse Muffin Tin she has:
  • A  Mickey Mouse Onigiri with nori details
  • Salmon nuggets in a lettuce cup.
  • Sauteed butternut squash with cinnamon and maple syrup
  • Fruit of Grapes and orange wedges
  • Frosted Flakes for dessert
  • Milk
Not only did she eat the whole muffin tin,  she asked me for another onigiri...(in Mickey Mouse form of course  '-') I'm still in shock!


    1. Mickey is amazing, does not look messy at all! It goes so well with the spoon,fork,picks and small container :) Muffin tin is super cute too:)

    2. You're too kind Rina! Thank you, but Mickey was almost punished and made egg salad! Missy saved him!

    3. She must be going through a growth spurt. We go through days, weeks even right before DD shoots up a few inches where she cannot get enough food. i love the Mickey egg. It doesn't look messy it looks old fashioned, like the original Mickey Mouse!

    4. Ok so mommy confirmed... growth spurt, I wasn't sure who this little hungry child was anymore! Lol! I can kinda see the old fashioned Mickey Mouse now that you've said that! Thanks Kara!