Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Pirate

With this month being Pirate month at playschool everyone gets to be a swashbuckling rogue for at least a day, and today it's our favorite Kitty's turn!
It's A Pirate Kitty Muffin Tin Lunch! In this muffin tin we have:
  • Pan seared tuna steak chunks
  • Fried potato curls with sea salt
  • Broccoli and a sliced up cherry tomato
  • A blueberry mini muffin under a marzipan hello kitty pirate face
  • Pirate punch  (OJ and mineral water)

For her playschool snack she also had a Hello Kitty Pirate snack bento
In this snack bento she had:
  • A Pirate Kitty sandwich made with wheat bread and apple butter. The sammie had  marzipan details
  • Half a banana
  • Two cherry tomatoes
  • Baby carrot sticks
  • Cheddar cheese hearts 
This bento is so lovely! I really like the clear top so you can see what's inside!


  1. Aww, That's such a cute Hello Kitty. Personally I don't like Pirates, but this bento is just so cute!

  2. Thank you Kat!! Yes I really romanticize the idea of Pirates...ah err blaiming the movies..and beach novels but yes guilty pleasure totally!

  3. That Hello Kitty pirate is just too cute!

  4. Pirate Hello Kitty is adorable! What a fun idea :D

    1. Thanks Jenn! Any kinda of Hello Kitty gets my Lulu's attention! LoL!

  5. Hello Kitty pirate just put a smile to my face, super cute :) And I love the rest of your pirate lunches too.

  6. In love with your hello kitty pirate! :) And love tt hello kitty lunchbox too. :)

  7. Thank you Ming! I always have fun with anything HK!