Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Princess Crown and Three Lions

Tuesday's snack bento was a simple Bologna sandwich cut out with a crown cookie cutter.
She had a yogurt, carrot flowers and raisins with her sandwich. The little chick container held little sprinkles to add to her yogurt!

For lunch on Tuesday, Missy Lulu had bow tie pasta with a cream herb sauce, tomato and basil.

Along with the pasta, there was barbecued tofu and edamame on a skewer pick. For dessert she had kiwi, orange slices and a big strawberry.


  1. I absolutely love BBQ Tofu. For my birthday last year I had BBQ tofu, and my family wouldn't touch it. Oh well. I loved it!

  2. Yeah well my Hubby and Missy tried it... and gave mild reviews, I thought it was awesome!... So they all can't have great taste like us right! ^-^