Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Pirate Lunches

It's Pirates theme at playschool this month, so I'm making pirate theme bentos a lot this month! These are the bentos from yesterday and today!

In Tuesday's Bento we had:
  • A Captain's Pirate hat (Apple butter sammie with nori and cupcake sprinkles details)
  • Bologna rolls 
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • Bread sticks
  • Sliced Kiwi and a big strawberry with a Pirate ship sticker pick

In Wednesday's Bento we had:
  • A Pirate's treasure chest sammie (1/2  Wheat bread and bologna, 1/2 Apple butter sandwich with nori and cheddar cheese details)
  • A cherry tomato with a treasure chest sticker pick
  • sliced Kiwi
  • One big strawberry with one green "Pirate" (She just went with that!)

Glad that St. Patrick's day is coming I need a Pirate break already! LoL
These lunches have been linked to What's For Lunch Wednesdays! Week 94


  1. I love your banner! How did you do it? I want something just like it for my house.

  2. Yes I love it so much too! ^.^ I worked with graphic designer Forever Tulip (Cindy)...she is sweet and talented; and she listened to me so I got exactly what I wanted. Check her out by clicking on her signature at the bottom of this page!! Gorgeous Family you have there! ^-^ Please visit again soon!

  3. These are so creative, especially the pirates' chest. Ah, I shall take a look at ur graphic designer, love her blog design for u. I'll hv to see whether my boss approves the budget 4 it. :)

  4. Thank you Ming! ^.^ My boss thought I was silly at first, then even he said "Wow, your blog looks so nice and professional!" (That's huge compliment from my Mr. Serious Finnish Man! ) Oh and maybe you've hear of a little blog called "Bentolicious"?(Swoon,loves Ms. Lia!) Yeah, she did that one too! Cindy has this amazing style!